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Why You Never Skimp On Wedding Photography!

I wrote this article a couple of years ago, but I repost it every year right after engagement season. If you are in the process of hiring a photographer for your wedding, its worth a read! ———————————- Let’s face it. Weddings are crazy expensive. I’m all about finding ways to save money, and there are […]

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Why do vendors ask what my wedding budget is?

As a venue owner,  the first three questions I ask someone when they contact me about touring the property is when they want to get married, how many guests they would like to have, and what their wedding budget is. People are always happy to answer the first two questions and understand that it would […]

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The perfect wedding gift for your groom!

  Ladies, have you found the perfect wedding gift for your husband-to-be? If you hadn’t before, then you have now! Due to popular demand, nationally recognized husband and wife photographers Chris and Adrienne Scott will be offering a limited number of their renowned farm “flaunt” sessions at Southall Eden on June 11th. It’s like boudoir […]

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