Things To Do Before The Big Day 

The Big Day

So he finally popped the question and of course, you said yes. After the high that you get from your engagement, it is time to sit down and plan for your big day. Not to burst your bubble but there are a lot of things to consider so it is best to start as soon as possible and get everything ready for the most important day of your lives.  

Wedding date

Among the first things to consider are the wedding date and venue for the wedding and reception. Is it going to be on your anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend, on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, summer, autumn, winter, or fall? Will you be having a long engagement or a short one?

 This is crucial as it would let you know how much time you have to prepare. Are you going to have your wedding ceremony in a church, garden, beach, or function room? Where do you want to have your reception? The reception must be big enough to accommodate your estimated number of guests.

Plan ahead

Cocktail Party

It is much better if the wedding and reception venues are near each other to make it convenient for everyone. Make the necessary arrangements for the reservations of the venues. You also need to think about who is going to officiate your wedding. Is it going to be your parish priest, spiritual advisor, or a judge? You have to inquire regarding their availability on your preferred date. 

Wedding Ceremony

Next, you need to send out the invitations so that your guests can save the date. Indicate RSVP so that they can let you know if they can make it or not. You might also want to include your wedding registry so that you can be sure that the gifts they send will be the ones that you really need or want in your new home.  

After Wedding Party

This is just the beginning of your to-do list and you still have a long way to go. if all of these are too much to handle, you can always hire event coordinators to help you out so that you can be stress-free and can focus on the really important stuff such as preparing for your future together. 

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