How Do I Prepare My Stomach For International Travel

Although getting sick is part of our day to day life, some situations may expose you to more health risks. This is the case with international travel. When traveling internationally, you must be wary of encountering stomach problems. On your journey, you are exposed to new foods and a whole range of new bugs parasites and the environment.

And the longer your stay, the more the risks of encountering stomach infections and discomfort. In this regard, it’s essential to prepare your stomach adequately for international travel via the following ways.

Using probiotics

One excellent way to strengthen your gut is by consuming probiotics. In nature, we have both the “good” and the “bad” bacteria. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help in strengthening our gut immunity and limiting the multiplication of helpful bacteria in the gut.



A significant number of international travelers have reported success after consuming probiotic yogurt or pills. Consult your doctor before you travel on the best probiotic product to use, depending on the sensitivity of your stomach. More useful information can be found in a great post to

Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is among the best ways of preparing your stomach for international travel. Your ideal diet for this purpose should be high in proteins and fiber but low in carbs; the meals should be easy to digest.

Besides, you should also include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will ensure your gut immunity is intact and ready to fight any infections.

If you can’t get enough proteins in your diet, you can use products like grass-fed whey protein powder to supplement your diet. Additionally, you must take enough water to ensure you’re adequately hydrated. At least take eight glasses of water each day.

Avoid carbonated beverages

When traveling internationally, you face lots of challenges since you’re exposed to a new environment and risks away from home. What you ingest can add to your potentials risks such as dehydration and physical pain. In your mission, you will be motivated to take some drinks to quench your thirst.

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But you should avoid aggravating the problem by taking carbonated drinks, including alcohol. Carbonated beverages contribute significantly to cramping and bloating, thus making your journey unbearable. Additionally, these drinks also have a diuretic effect and will leave you more dehydrated.

Avoid gas giants

It’s also essential to avoid foods that promoted intestinal expansion by producing gas. These foods include baked beans, onions, cabbage, and cauliflower, among others.

If you consume these foods before your flight, you’ll be feeling like an over-filled balloon while in the plane. If you don’t have sufficient information on what “gas giants” are, you can talk to a nutritionist for details.

Although nitration travel can pose some risks to your health more so your gut, you can implement a few strategies to reduce these risks. When going for your next trip, use the above information to make your journey exciting.