How Do You Clean Up An Oil Spill In The Garage

It’s obvious that people will perform routine maintenance for their cars from time to time. Although most people give the work outside their home, some tend to undertake the maintenance on their garage floors. Sadly, the oil being used can spill all over the garage, and hence the need for cleaning arises. Below is a guide on how to cleanup oil spill in the garage:

1. Soaking the oil

Oil spill

This is the very first thing you need to do for fresh spillage. Utilize a special compound for cleanup so that the oil can assimilate. Alternatively, you can use organic granular absorbent compounds like sawdust, talcum powder, or even cat litter. Leave the compound on the floor as recommended by the seller.

2. Use a broom

It’s advisable to look for a cleanup compound even when other substances are available. The cleanup compound deals only with the motor oil and is the best solution.

After the compound does the required job, it’s time to clean up the place by sweeping. It’s also advisable to sprinkle the compound in small quantities when sweeping.

3. Ensure the oils doesn’t solidify

After the motor oil has been assimilated, you should ensure that it doesn’t solidify. Use water and soap to stop the motor oil from solidifying.

4. Scrub the floor or wall


Now that the oil has a liquid state, simply scrub with a bristle broom. It’s not advisable to use a wire brush since it can cause more damages to your concrete.

5. Use a solvent

Finally, to ensure that the oil is completely removed and no other method is required, you should consider using solvents for the cleanup. Scrub to remove the solvent and rinse the floor or wall using clean water.In conclusion, these are the steps on how to clean up an oil spill in your garage.