RSVP (Repondez s’il vous plait) 
This is a French word that means please respond” when translated. That is plain and simple. When you receive an invitation to a very important event such as a wedding, it is basic courtesy to let the celebrants know if you can make it or not. This is very important because the bride and groom deliberated for a long time on who should make it to the guest list. Not all the relatives and friends get invited especially if it is an intimate celebration.

So out of all the other people, they have specifically chosen you to be a part of the occasion and to witness this special moment in their lives. It is important to comply if it is not indicated that you could bring a plus one. This is because the food, tables, chairs, and other arrangements have been made according to the number of people that the bride and groom have invited and are expecting to come to their wedding. Bringing someone along unexpectedly would be rude and inconsiderate to the couple.

Budget is allocated for each guest. Remember, it is their special day, not yours. Planning a wedding is really stressful and we do not want to add to the stress that they are already experiencing. Follow the dress code as sometimes the couple is going for a certain look or concept for their wedding. You do not want to be out of place or be the cause of eyesore in the photos, right?

There are also times when the couple indicates their wedding registry so you can buy them gifts that would help them as they start their new life together. But most of all, you are given a wedding invitation because first and foremost the couple values your presence during their special event. Let your presence be a blessing to them as you share in their joy in the most memorable day of their lives.