What Is The Best First Doll For Baby

There are some things you need to consider when choosing the first doll for your baby. Before doing that you need to look if these features are present. It is best to read reviews of toys for children from professionals before buying.


First dolls for your baby needs to be simpler. A one year old baby does not have driving skills yet, you should chose dolls that are very simple for you kid to handle without causing any frustration to your child.

It can have feature that are simple enough for your mod to manipulate like moving head or arms or have few accessories that your kid can use and enjoy. Make sure the accessories are big enough to avoid chocking.



The safety of your kid is very important. One year old baby is still putting materials in their months every time. You should choose a doll that is safe for your kid without risking choking.

It should not have pieces that can come of easily. Joints and accessories should be firmly placed and thoroughly secured. It should not have small piece that is enough for your kid to put in her mouth.


The type of material used to make your kids doll is also a factor to consider. The material should be safe for your kid to play with. Dolls made from organic materials should be preferred to a one year old since they will always try to put these pieces in their month and they should be safer.


Here are the best dolls for a one year old; they have a wide range of features that you should look into so as to choose the best option for your baby.

JC toys

This is a doll has a soft blanket like soother. It has a very soft body with a vinyl head.Doug mine and MelissaThis doll has opening and closing eyes. It also has a vinyl body with soft body.